Saturday, March 1, 2014


Pizza is an all-time favorite in our house! It is also the first choice that the kids ask for lunch/dinner.

So our play food set will be incomplete without a slice (or two) of pizza in it.


 I love the vibrant colors against the creamy cheese! YUM!!

Usually when it comes to pizza, you'd want to throw in as many toppings as you possibly can. But this pizza is just 8" in diameter (the cheese part is a little over 4"). Also I wanted the toppings to be neatly arranged without repetition of colors. So I limited mine to three - green pepper, orange pepper and black olives. I decided against a circle pizza because I wanted the kids to be able to "cut" the slices and have their own.

This turns out to be a great tool for learning colors, shapes and counting! How about simple fractions for older kids?! (HEHE.. I am sorta nerdy that way ;))

 My two year old loves to point to the orange rectangle, green diamond (or rhombus) and black ovals. As for my older kid, he just loves being a Restauranteur/Chef/Pizza Delivery boy.

I found a box for the pizza and asked Heart to decorate it (not realizing that a box has SIX sides!!!) The results were quite interesting!

I was particularly impressed that he included the correct delivery address and the cost in different currencies! Not bad for a seven year old, eh?! ;) (toot toot!!)

And there were more surprises in store (pun intended)..

Using this opportunity to advertise his company's new product!

 Snow-covered mountains! (His company's logo with an (R)!!)

It always helps to tickle your client's funny bone with an ORIGINAL joke!

Football and Pizza - a match made in heaven!
Thanks to this hint, we know where Heart wants to be on his 10th birthday! Let us hope that the teams will oblige and play on that day. :))

I will post a tutorial on the pizza very soon.

Here is the transformation:

I used ecofelt - two sheets of tan, 1 sheet each of red and ivory, and scraps of dark green, orange and black. As you can tell, I had a lot of fun sewing on the toppings with embroidery floss!! 

I hope these pictures inspire you to create your own delectable pizza!

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