Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ocean Animal T-shirt - More Cricut Explore features explained.

This was my second attempt at t-shirt stencils.

This project is for my orca-loving son, Heart!

Here are some details from the Cricut console (which I had forgotten to photograph during my first project).

  • One important thing I love about Cricut Explore is that you don't need to buy any image cartridges! So I created my own silhouettes of ocean creatures using Adobe Illustrator and uploaded them on to the image library!

Although Heart has too many favorite animals, I told him that the t-shirt cannot hold all of them. So he settled down for these: seal, stingray, otter, orca, manatee and hammerhead shark.

  • You can select the canvas in Cricut. This way you can preview how these images (and text) will look like on your finished project even before cutting them out!!! You can resize and arrange them to make them fit perfectly :).

  • Another trick is to sync all the layers (letters, images etc) so that you can fit them all in one mat! This is the feature to use:
Letters and images are on the same layer now

  • Be sure to select "Iron on" setting in the dial and to select "Mirror image for iron-on" (if applicable).

Follow the painting instructions from my previous post!

Here is the finished project:

Heart loves his t-shirt!!  I had a lot of fun doing this for him :)!!

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