Monday, March 17, 2014

Fleece Walrus

Heart participated in a Science competition conducted by his school district and was one of the second place winners in first grade!

So I wanted to reward him with a new nap buddy. I decided to make a cute walrus from this book by Linda Carr: Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals. I am in love with this book! There are so many animals that you can make!! When I  showed it to him, his first choice was the walrus too!He already has an orca and a sea lion, so this will be a nice add-on!

He picked the colors and watched excitedly as I cut out the pieces after tracing the full-sized pattern (included in the book). We quickly realized that it was going to be one gigantic walrus! It took almost 1/2 yard of fleece.

  He is a mean one, alright! but definitely not lean! 


We were indeed correct. The finished animal is 17" long and 22" wide (around its tummy)!! It took more than half bag of stuffing!

This is a project for an Intermediate sewer. The part that was the most challenging for me was making and attaching the muzzles. I followed the instructions in the book but just did one thing differently - I sewed on fleece eyes before stuffing the muzzle and stitching it close. 

Heart loves his newest buddy VERY MUCH, and the fact that Wally is much bigger than Rosie the bunny :).

Heart and Sweet

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