Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fleece Plushies

Wow, I haven't updated this blog in a long time!  Last year I'd sewn at least a dozen clothes for Sweet and half more for Heart. I will post a collage of those projects soon!

Sewing clothes for my kids has taken the back seat because of this brutally cold winter. I am shivering at the thought of having to endure this for many more weeks!! Brrr..

But one good thing (make it two) did come out of this - I have stepped into the world of fleece and felt! And I am loving them both!  I stocked up on the fleece at our local fabric store ($2.49 per yard!!) and brought home all possible colors!!


What is not to love about fleece? So colorful, soft and cozy.. it is the perfect fabric to work with during winter! And it doesn't fray! Great for beginners!

Heart has a huge collection of fleece animals a.k.a "nap buddies". But they are all store-bought. So this Valentines, I wanted to gift him with a hand-made fleece plushie!

Meet Mr. Owlie perched on our windshield, the perfect companion to tide over this arctic weather!

I drafted a pattern for this owl and it all came together very quickly. Heart picked the colors and once I sewed it up, he had a blast stuffing it with polyfill! This is a great project for beginners, so go for it!!

I will scan the pattern and post it soon. But if you are good at drawing basic shapes, you can just create your own pattern!

Sweet has always eyed her brother's bunny with much love, but he'd never share his most favorite buddy. So I decided to make one just for her. And I did, thanks to the wonderful tutorial from Purl Bee. The pattern is found on their website with clear instructions. I'd recommend this project for an Intermediate sewer as it does have some challenging steps (constructing the head and attaching it to the body). Although the tutorial suggested wool felt, I used anti-pill fleece instead because I could shop for it in person and it was much cheaper. I have not tried embroidery yet, so I just cut a triangle from the contrast fabric and sewed it for the bunny's nose. For the eyes I sewed a French Knot in brown.

Sweet LOVES her bunny. We named her "Rosie" (from the cartoon series Caillou). She has her tea party with Rosie, tucks her with a small blanket, and hugs her tight while she naps!

So this Valentines was well spent with flowers, sweets and this honey bunny! :)

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