Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sofia the First Dress

We love to watch Sofia because of the good values the show teaches young girls. So naturally this was the first Disney Princess dress I made for my 3-year old Sweet (her real name begins with S too)!

Princess S!

I had a LOT of fun making this dress. The smile on my daughter's face is my well-deserved trophy!! The amulet was bought from JCPenney. She enjoyed twirling & singing the Sofia intro song and watching back-to-back episodes of the show on Netflix.

So what do you need to make this beautiful dress?

  • 1 yard of poly-satin fabric in Violet 
  • 1/2 yard of poly-satin fabric in White
  • 1 yard of white lace
  • 1 yard of pearl trim
  • Matching zipper and multi-purpose thread
  • Heat n bond ultrahold iron-on adhesive sheets (not pictured)
  • Walking foot (not pictured) This made my job easy peasy!

Bodice & Sleeves: 

From this point on, the fabric is going to look different because of the low lighting in the basement (my sewing den). But I promise it is the same beautiful Violet! 

  • This is an unlined bodice. Any existing pattern that you have will work. I used one that I had drafted for Sweet's summer dresses. It has one front piece cut on fold and two back pieces not on fold. 

  • For the sleeves, I took my self-drafted sleeve pattern and exaggerated the bell portion (so that you can gather a lot)  to make poofy sleeves.

  • Before sewing up we'd first need to add the lace trim to the front bodice.

  • After adding the lace, I went ahead and sewed up the bodice (including the sleeves) as one would normally do.  I finished the neck opening and sleeve opening with a hem. I tried the bodice on my daughter to check for adjustments. My daughter was super-excited at this point! Then I added the zipper closure to the back.

  • Next comes the beautiful pearl trim. I hand sewed this to the front bodice and the neckline with the violet thread. Oops! in my excitement I forgot to take pictures for this step. 

Here is the finished almost finished bodice after adding sleeves.


The original skirt has a white in-skirt and a scalloped violet outer skirt with emblems. 

But I kept things simple by omitting the in-skirt. 

Main skirt

  • I cut out 2 rectangles with the Violet satin fabric of dimensions 17.5" (L) x 39" (W).

  • Then I made a template for the scallop with dimensions 4.5" deep ad 13" at the widest part.

  • I used the template to cut each rectangle into 3 scallops along the long edge. 

This will give 6 scallops in total.


  • I created the emblem image using Adobe Photoshop and imported it into Cricut Explore workspace.  Each emblem was around 4.5" in diameter.

  • I prepped the white satin fabric by ironing on the Heat n Bond adhesive sheet to the dull side. Then I placed the prepped satin  (12" x 12") on the Cricut mat and cut out 6 emblems.

  • I assembled the pieces for each emblem and ironed them on to each scallop of the skirt.

If you've reached this step, take a deep breath! All the elaborate part is done!!!!! 

Assembling the dress

  • Sew up the two rectangles (right sides together) along the short edges to form a tube.

  • Hem the bottom using a narrow hem to prevent the satin from fraying.

  • Sew a basting stitch along the top edge and gather the skirt by gently pulling on the thread.

  • Sew the skirt to the bodice (pin, pin and pin some more).

  • All done!!!!!!!!!!!! Admire your work one more time. Enjoy the slippery satin and the fullness of the skirt!

  • Run upstairs and try it on your princess! 

  • Prepare for the unexpected - the ultimate stress test shown below!

Princess playing soccer!

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