Monday, May 13, 2013

A gift to the most important person in my life - my mom!

(Well, I wrote this post yesterday but could only publish it today!)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today (yesterday rather) is a special day for moms all over the world. My mommy dearest is here today and I wanted to sew something for her!! This is my first sewing project for my mom.

I searched the web for a simple yet cute sewing project that can double as a gift. I came across this tutorial.

Luckily I had just bought a zipper the other day for making a skirt. I decided to use it for a better cause - a zippered pouch for my sweet mom!! I wanted it to be a surprise but she insisted on watching me sew. She was like a little child :)). I was a bit nervous as I had never sewn a zipper before!!

The whole project took less than an hour!! Thanks to the clear instructions in the tutorial above, the results are stellar!! My mom is very happy and can't wait to use it!!

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the process as I was too eager to finish it ASAP.

You can also refer to this youtube video tutorial on how to insert a zipper without a zipper foot, which is what I did! It wasn't too hard as long as I made sure not to sew on the metal part of the zipper.

I can already foresee many uses for this simple zippered pouch - pencil case, make up pouch, travel case etc. So the next time I make one of these, I will be sure to add a tutorial.

Until then, enjoy these images..

Oh! of course, the dimensions: I used a 9" zipper. So I used  2 pieces of main fabric (9" x 6.5") and 2 pieces of lining fabric measuring the same.

Peeking inside... I love this fabric combination!!

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